Three times each year our members roll up their sleeves and literally give life to ailing strangers who will never have the opportunity to thank them. They recognize that when patients arrive at area hospitals for needed care they expect the hospital to have every necessary resource- including a ready blood supply. That is the resource our members proudly provide. Blood is not synthesized by the hospital neither is there a manufacturer who can supply real, human blood. That comes from people, people who care, Christians who care.

We are proud of our members who regularly step up to the need for blood products simply because it is good and necessary and we’re especially pleased to report that almost every time we have a blood drive we have a first-time donation.



July 20, 2024 9AM to 2PM

Registration to donate begins July 1, 2024.

or answers to your questions or to volunteer to donate please contact:


Lewis Banks
(706) 332-5393

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