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Cusseta Road History 

     In the city of Columbus by the mid 1800s, there were seven secular denominations (established by men). These groups were mainly for the White population. They included Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, and Presbyterian. There were two persuasions for Black people, one Methodist and one Baptist.

     In existence since 1930, Rosehill is the oldest church of Christ congregation in the city. Brother Floyd Decker who was from Montgomery, Alabama conducted a tent meeting. He held this meeting on a vacant lot at 14th and 18th Street. Afterwards a building was rented on 32nd Street between 11th and 12th Avenue to facilitate public worship. Later (1938), a group of members formed another downtown congregation, which was formerly known, as the Waverly Avenue Church of Christ. This group subsequently moved to Warm Springs Road.

     During the period segregation was the law; it was tolerated and practiced throughout the country, especially the South. The first Black congregation in the city is the present day Cusseta Road Church of Christ. Under divine circumstances, Brother Houston (from the Rosehill congregation) discovered a small group of worshippers in Motts, Alabama. He was instrumental in the move from there to Columbus during the early 1930s. The assembly had its beginnings at 5th Avenue through a tent meeting conducted by Brother E. Butler (out of Birmingham, Alabama), who was the main speaker during the occasion. One of Brother Butler's most notable expressions was, "Will your religion stand investigation?" Along with Brother Butler, Brothers Adams and Moore were vital in promoting the cause of Christ among the Black population in the city. The church later gathered at the 9th Street YMCA in Columbus. Brother Jack Burston worked at the YMCA for over forty years and gained approval for utilizing the facility to conduct worship services.

     In the mid forties, the church moved to Seale Road in Phenix City, Alabama where it remained until it was relocated to South Street in Columbus, Georgia (in the latter 1940s). Shortly after the church relocated to South Street, Brother Marshall Keeble conducted a one-night service and Brother H.S. Simmons took on the charge as minister. Brother Simmons was from Huntsville, Alabama and positioned by Brother Keeble.

     From 1949 through 1953, Brother Simmons served as the minister and Brother and Sister Burston, with some support from the Rose Hill congregation, were the physical cornerstones. Early members included: Brother Shannon and Ardella Collins along with their son Carver Collins, Brother and Sister Jack Colquitt, Brother and Sister Ursa Leonard, Sister Thelma Sterling, Brother and Sister Patrick, Brother and Sister Curtis Sparks, Brother and Sister Colb, Sister Rebecca Ward and her household, Sister Fannie Crook, Sister Betsy Smith, Sister Carrie Fulbright, and Sister Ella Mae Jackson. Many descendants and relatives of the early congregation are among the present membership.

Brother Henry Walker was ordained as an elder during the latter 1950s. Brother Lonnie Evans was ordained during the early 1960s. In the early 1970s, Brother Eddie L. Clayton Jr. and Brother Joe McCray were appointed as elders. The next selection was Brother John Marshall Sr., during the mid 1970s.

Faithful servants which contributed to the ministry and growth of the congregation from the past up through the present involved: Brother Luke Miller, Brother Cornelius Mobley, Brother Curtis Sparks, Brother/elder Henry Walker, Brother Cass Wade, Brother Ralph T. Henley, Brother Hosea Robinson, Brother Marion Holliday, Brother Lee Guthrie, Brother K.T. Henry, Brother/elder Eddie L. Clayton Jr., Brother Lewis Banks and our current minister, Brother Elliott C. Glasgow.

The flock has flourished immensely since its beginnings and continues to expand. The structure, which stands this day at 3013 Cusseta Road, was also built to accommodate the church's growing population. The doors rolled back on welcome hinges on May 11, 1997. On August 17, 1997, a brief dedication ceremony was conducted to recognize the accomplishments as a body of Christ that thrives together.

Today, the church has a prison ministry, a radio broadcast through WEAM 1580 AM and a Daily Devotional on WOKS 1340 AM. The church co-sponsors with other local congregations, a television broadcast-Preaching the Word, channel 54. The church hosts the Columbus Biblical Institute.  The church assists the gospel efforts of Brother Marion Holiday in Vienna, Georgia, William Prior, in Jamaica, and St. Clair Dowers, in St. Thomas. The church has a web site at

The current leadership includes Elders: Brother Richard Allen, Billy Jackson, Larry Passmore, Lewis Banks, Cregg Amos, and Myrick Bassie along with Deacons: Brothers Kervin Covin, Larry Marshall,   Gary Cantrell, Jamie Walker, Ronald Lattimore, and Corey Jeter.    

As a congregation, we thank God for the leaders who had the foresight to plan to continue to serve this community. Three of those leaders are now deceased (Brothers Eddie Clayton, Lonnie Evans, and Joe McCray). Deceased also is a beloved deacon, Brother J.C. Lockhart, who departed this life with a great desire to teach, serve, and do good works in God's kingdom here on earth.




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Since June 2, 2003
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